the Roi Soleil dreamed nouba

Yo m’enamori, on Tunivision, Tunisia, january 2016

Maalouf, Nouba Dhil, Tunivision, Tunis 2016

ERRATIC in Meudon

Opening concert Brezice, festival, Praise of folly.

Mahmou african lullaby, spontaneous morning improvisation.

Venise miroir du Monde


Morning broadcasting at french national radio.

or vezahav at the jewish music festival in carpentras

Forbidden City at Paris National Library

the Praise of Folly, live excerpts.

le baroque nomade - depuis 1994

Le Baroque Nomade on LCI

Daphné, le baroque nomade

an indian night’s dream

ERRATIC at Noirlac festival

Entends l’Ailleurs, Valenciennes 1

entends l’ailleurs, valenciennes 2