le baroque nomade

For more than 20 years, Le Baroque Nomade has stood out in the baroque musical landscape thanks to its humanist and pioneering approach. In order to bring to light forgotten scores, Jean-Christophe Frisch created in 1995 XVIII-21 Musique des Lumières, which became later XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade. A meaningful name, which clearly refers to the intimate connections between the 18th century and the present. A call for travel too : as the music has always encouraged cultural blendings, Jean-Christophe Frisch didn’t wait for the multiculturalism to become a trend to explore and put in contact the different cultures.

Le Baroque Nomade invites the public to travel through time and space during its concerts, recreating the historical connexions between european repertoire and musical traditions from elsewhere : Chinese, Indian, Ethiopian, Turkish... Following in the footsteps of globetrotter musicians who traveled the world at that time when journeys were creating mixed cultures, the Ensemble especially works on the historically proved meetings between European and extra-European early music.

Thanks to this significant musicological approach, Le Baroque Nomade takes its place in the renewal of musical interpretation in the Baroque era since its creation.

Travels are an essential part of the Ensemble musical approach. Each time, the meetings are remarkable : the concert in Kaboul with Afghan musicians, immediately after the repeal of Taliban music prohibition will remain an unforgettable memory. A lasting cooperation with Chinese artists has allowed the cultures to observe and understand each other before attempting common experiences.

Since the musicological accuracy should be inseparable from a great liveliness on stage, Le Baroque Nomade is particularly involved in the increase of the intensity of its concerts in order to make them unique, singular : for instance working with the dancer Merlin Nyakam or interacting with the spectators, etc.

Le Baroque Nomade keeps using music as a social link, a bridge between cultures in order to put people in contact, to encourage understanding, dialogue and peace.